I’m Looking Over

A four-leaf clover.

Spotted it yesterday in an overgrown field in the middle of nowhere. Was wondering to myself, “Huh. In all these clovers, there must be one with four leaves.”

Looked down, and there it was.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” I thought.

Nope. This is no joke. This is what I found. And now you’ve found it too.

Thanks for reading. Let this be your lucky day.

We may throw the dice,
but the Lord determines how they fall. Proverbs 16:33 NLT

I’ve linked to this before; it’s such a great song. Enjoy Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat again.

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13 Responses to I’m Looking Over

  1. julie

    good for you, Aimee, to be ‘looking over’ rather than ‘overlooking’!

    • I agree, Julie. It was such a nice surprise to see it. Grateful I didn’t miss it. Besides, there are some other things I need to be overlooking and letting go…

  2. Well, of course you saw one yesterday…you were in God’s country ;)

    • Written by a true Fighting Illini. I’d ask what is an Illini, but then I’d have to explain Tarheel. Anyway it is beautiful out there. You grew up in a blessed place!
      PS: Sorry to hear about the purse thing. Heartbreaking to explain crime to kids. Makes me ashamed to be an adult.

      • Easy peasy…It’s an Indian tribe :)

        Yea…I could have done without that incident, especially after Bennett’s bedtime last night was wrecked by fear. So sad.

        • Bennett may be your super hero in training. He’s got the fire and the sensitivity to truth and justice for all. We’ll see.
          Okay, Illini, Tarheel is a bit more complicated. The explanations abound. My favorite short answer: the British called the NC troops in the Revolutionary War Tarheels bc they stood their ground like they were stuck to that beloved soil with tar on their feet.

  3. It was a lucky day. It just required reading this post to acknowledge it. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Christel Oliphant

    Maybe the good luck of finding the clover will be your house sells!

  5. Terry Odom

    Ha! It was a lucky day. I was playing my second round of golf at TPC Sawgrass in Florida (for my 50th year of life golf celebration). I’d tried to play something special for my 50th. I got lucky enough to play by myself (Ok, me and the caddie) and we got to the famous 17th hole (island green) where the pro’s even plunk ’em in the water during the tournament. 8 guys were standing on my green. I was not happy. We thought they’d move. They waved at us to hit. I hit the green and the caddie was still surprised they hadn’t walked off the green. We walked up and figured out it was the architect of the course (Pete Dye), all 80+ years of him working on the green. The caddie turned to me and said, “how many guys get to hit onto 17 when the freakin creator of the course is standing there!” Dude was right… I got chill bumps. :-)

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