We lived out of suitcases 23 days in June.

While my husband traveled for work, my son and I tagged along, toured museums and rode public transportation in America’s finest cities. Each time we came to a new place or experience I thought to myself, “This is my favorite part of our trip!”

That was true until we came to the next destination where I thought, “This is my favorite part of our trip!”

Themes emerged. American history. Aeronautics. Waterways. Jellyfish. My brain is heavy with ideas. Watch for fresh stories on the blog.

The bigger story now, perhaps, is what happened while we were away. The house we’ve tried to sell for two years finally sold. No more open houses or missing moisturizer.

We negotiated a contract on the road in Illinois, finalized it somewhere in Michigan, endured inspections in Pennsylvania and Maryland, received the buyers’ signoff before leaving Virginia, and placed change orders for the utilities in North Carolina. Today we closed back in Missouri.

With our real estate agent’s help, we found a place our family can rent for the next few months. Signed the lease agreement in an Outer Banks hotel lobby.

Also while we were away, everyday epistle seamlessly churned out posts. Thanks to many of you, one post entitled Milk Wars sparked a small but exciting viral episode. Readership spiked to set a new personal record for the little blog that could. Count on more from the farm side in the future.

Other things happened too, other stirrings in thought and action. A likely partnership in one case. A necessary breakup in another. An overarching resolve to press on with new ideas, ventures and stories collected along the way.

We left town in one place and have come home to another, not by our own doing. We left determined to take a break from the concerns. Put life on cruise control. Engage autopilot.

We set it aside, but God didn’t. He never does. As Henry Blackaby and Claude King write in Experiencing God, God is always at work around you.

Wonder what He’s up to next?

 Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
who daily bears our burdens. Psalm 68:19 NIV

If you haven’t heard Need to Breathe, you’re in for a treat. I love these guys. Go directly to this link for their song Lay ‘Em Down. Just do it.

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19 Responses to Autopilot

  1. couture cowgirl 7

    Great Blog today ! And eager to hear more thoughts from the farmside :) Being a farmer myself I love to engage others in what we do !
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Aimee,
    Great post and congrats on selling the house! Sounds like our favorite little blogstress will have more freedom of mind to churn out even more blog postings! We wait with baited breath. So happy for you and your family as I know the stress that entails. God bless ya girl!


    • Rodney, that’s the first time I’ve ever been called a blogstress. Has a nice ring to it! You pegged it when it comes to “more freedom of mind.” That’s what I hope comes out of all this once the dust of the move settles.

  3. Sandra

    Congratulations on the sale, Aimee! It sounds like an exciting summer. I’m sure a certain little boy has loved the adventure!

    • Hi, Sandra! Exciting and busy and it’s only July! Yes, he loved the adventure. He’s now making travel requests for other destinations he wants to visit. Oy vey.

  4. Lesa Bauer

    Congrats on selling the house!!! Praise Jesus from whom ALL Blessings flow!!!

  5. Krista

    Just from reading your blog, I know that selling your house has weighed heavily. So happy that this chapter is over and you’re on to a new adventure! Congratulations and hope the rest of your summer is one big vacation for you all!

    • Thanks, Krista! It did weigh heavily and it hasn’t completely sunk in that we’re free. A good sign that we’re getting there: tonight Jeff mentioned he saw a car he wants me to check out as a possible momma-mobile. ;)

  6. Christel

    Congratulations! I know its been a long road triing to sell in this economy! I’m sure great new adventures are up ahead ….you go girl! We will be right here ….reading all about it on everyday epistle!!!

  7. Carrie Leverman

    Aimee, I am so happy to hear that you have sold your home…I have homeowners envy! I hope everything goes well with your packing this week and that you will quickly find yourself “at home” again. Great post and do share photos of your travels!

  8. Aimee, what a month! I know the house selling is a big deal and I am so thankful for all of you. But secretly, I am selfishly most excited about the little line you wrote about writing more about farms. Your “Milk Wars” blog post was tremendous and helped so many moms understand more and think about issues they are wrestling with. “Competitive parenting” is something I think of often now. Blessings to you. Happy Friday!

    • What a month indeed, Katie. Writing, posting and seeing the response to Milk Wars left me energized with more questions about food and farming. I hope to research and write up what I discover. Being an outsider who married into a farm family, I suspect if I’m wondering about something there are a lot of other people who are wondering about it too. Might as well find out what I can and tell it like it is.

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