Crows and Eagles

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Yesterday I posted a suggestion for how the government could save money by stopping those Social Security mailings fictitiously describing how much we will receive in retirement. I conservatively estimated we’d save about $3.14 million a year. Well, I was more than a little off.

Within less than two hours, my friend Amy read the post and informed me the SSA decided a few months ago to suspend the mailings for a savings of $70 million. I repeat: $70 MILLION. That should make you laugh and cry at the same time.

I love social media. Not only was I pleasantly corrected by a friend, but we all gained some information we didn’t have a mere day ago. Apparently, the government doesn’t have to notify us that they will no longer notify us. Or something like that.

Another friend who works for the government explained in a comment on FB that common sense doesn’t necessarily dictate. There are many easy ways to save money, but the government “likes to make things as complicated as possible.” Hmm.

Lessons learned? You betcha.

1. Dig deeper.

For me, that means to do so preferably before posting. Here’s the link to the SSA page about the mailings:

2. Share the love.

Thanks to Amy for speaking up. Follow her lead. If you know something, say something so the rest of us will know too.

3. Reach out.

I’m delighted to eat a little crow on this to the tune of $70 million. But the patriotic eagle in my heart is rising. I wonder. What are the other easy ways we could save money?

We’re in a budget crisis as a nation. Many of us are in one at home too. I know some of you watch your family budgets like hawks and sniff out ways to save like bloodhounds. Some of you work in government agencies or have ties to them. You have a ringside seat to witness where we could cut back.

All of us intersect with the government in one way or another. What are you seeing in your experience and expertise that could be simplified or cut with a cost savings for our country? What ideas do you, the People, have?

Would love to know your thoughts, so do share. You can always comment anonymously. If we get a few good ideas going, perhaps we’ll send them to our folks in Congress or the White House.

It’s our country after all. And it’s worth saving.

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,
when it is in your power to act. Proverbs 3:27 NIV

Get those patriotic juices flowing with School House Rock’s Preamble.

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8 Responses to Crows and Eagles

  1. Eric Bostic

    I love it. Nothing wrong with a little crow now and then….it keeps us humble!

    • That’s the truth, Eric. I like the feeling that we’re all in this together too. Makes the stuff with the government seem not quite so hopeless. Have a great day, friend!

  2. Christel Oliphant

    I have not been able to research my opinion, due to the fact that I am working today. So, someone else might have to do the math! If we removed the 11.2 million (plus, who knows the correct #) illegal immigrants in our country this would be a good start! Then, we would have 11.2 million or so jobs for U.S. citizens who are un-employed, & actually pay taxes. Not to mention… the fuel & other natural resources they are using from us!!!!

    • Ah, the illegal immigrant situation. Good point, Christel. For the record, I support immigration as long as it’s legal, the way my great grandparents had to come into America. Follow the rules if you want to play on this field…

  3. Mac

    After 7 years working for the govt, one thing that has always bothered me is going on right now. Our fiscal year begins Oct. 1. If my department has, say, $25,000 procured to spend, we have to spend it by the end of Sept. We aren’t allowed to put it into “savings” and spend it in 2012, allowing our 2012 budget to be reduced $25,000. Also, the general approach by management is not to give the $25k back to save the govt money. It HAS TO BE SPENT! The thought is if we don’t spend it this year, it will be assumed we don’t need it next year. So, the only way to make sure we get more money next year is to spend it this year. This is not the kind of logic you and I use at home, but it seems to rule in the govt…

    • Thanks for the comment, Mac. It’s sad that you have to spend money that could be saved just so you can get more the next year. We’re spending ourselves into oblivion!

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