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evening on the farm, September 4, 2011

Good evening, night owls.

It’s late and tomorrow’s post is all queued up for the morning. Simply had to take a moment to share how much I’m enjoying these Linky Party things on blogs.

Linked up for the first time a couple weeks ago with Somewhere in Pennsylvania for Wordless Wednesday on friend Katie Pinke’s Pinke Post.

Then tonight I linked up with Sweet Slice to Family Friday on Zweber Family Farm News, a blog run by a super cool organic dairywoman, and I linked up with The Tale of Two Heifers to Farm Friend Friday on Verde Farm, one of the absolute sweetest farm blogs I’ve seen.

Two requests:

  1. If you are having one of these parties on your blog and I know about it, I am so there. This is a terrific way to read material from far and wide and share your stuff too.
  2. Once I figure out how to do this on WordPress, I’m throwing a party and you’re invited. So get your blog on and get ready to get down. (If you already happen to know how to do this on WordPress or if you have any Linky Party advice, the floor is yours in the comments.)

Tonight I also left a comment on an editorial post I liked on World Magazine. How cool is that? And to think, you can do it too. Anyone can. It’s like free-range media—a dream come true—and I’m lovin’ it!

Wise men and women are always learning,
always listening for fresh insights. Proverbs 18:15 The Message

Get Down with Audio Adrenaline because my Linky Party’s on the way and because I like this song. Buona notte!

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4 Responses to Linky Dos

  1. I’m so in :) this is an awsome idea. I am glade i follow you an wordpress. The way to link to things in wordpress is by, after you type what you want the link to say, you have to be on a computer it has not worked on my phone yet, make it a link and you have to copy the URL of the page and past it in the URL dialilog box that will apier after you make the word/s “hot” if you need any other help let me know. I think this is a fabulous idea I’m soo exxxsitedd :}

  2. Oh and when you get the dialog box it will ask, at the bottom, something like target or something. Just clime the bottom dropdown button and it will say blank and some other options in maybe differandt order. What you nest to think about is do you want the other persons blog or the link page opin in your tap IE overtop of you page or in a new windo so that your page is still accessible without having to press the bake button or type in the URL again. It may be alot but play around with the options and privuew what it dose and once your happy publish it. You can do it !!!