Westward Expansion

October 6, 2011

Uncertainty is no place to call home. Relocation is no picnic either.

As many of you have guessed, we’re moving this show to Wichita.

The man and his wife. The boy and the dog. The MacBook Pro (God rest your soul, Steve Jobs) and the blog.

There’s relief in making a decision. There’s also apprehension, excitement, hope and loss.

Responses have rolled in from across the blogosphere.

Here’s the Diehl is wondering what’s the deal through tears. Mine and hers. With strains of Green Acres playing in the background.

The would-be stand up comedian asked if I know Kansas is not in North Carolina.

A lifelong friend assured me she always wants the best for me. How comforting, humbling and cool is that? Makes me want to break out in Count Your Blessings. Then cry some more.

Another lifelong friend wrote the most amazing sunset she’d ever seen was in Kansas. Suggested My Antonia by Willa Cather. Done.

arch base

Ms. Moderation dubbed me Carolina Cowgirl, a title I adore. If the blogging thing doesn’t work out, there’s always rodeo. Or clogging.

Pinke Post wasted no time doing what she does so well. Connecting me with her people on the ground in Wichita. The woman is a rock star.

And Cuisine For All sent sage advice. Don’t worry. Take time to absorb the changes. You’ll be fine, she wrote. She’s ventured far from her homeland. She should know.

Traveling With the Jones has logged enough miles to know too. Told me to embrace change. Enjoy the ride. And just think of all the new material for posts!

My faithful friend who shall remain anonymous assured me Cowtown is not in Kansas because it’s in Texas.

And a fellow Southerner in exile in the Midwest told me you can raise a southern gentleman in Kansas. “It’s about values,” she said. “The expectations we have for and of them, saying ma’am and sir and being able to shuck an oyster.”

There are many other words of treasured wisdom, prayer and encouragement. Read more on Tuesday’s post. Add your own if you like.

under the arch

One more here, in the gentle eloquence of Via Peregrini:

Our souls are quite particular in where they find their homes. Yet, sometimes, they find in the new, the unexpected, something for which they’ve longed and you’ll discover that you can’t imagine life without that place, for that time.

Our years in St. Louis have taught us the history of westward expansion. Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Lewis and Clark pushing across North America in the spirit of discovery.

Those who followed their path west were filled with dreams. Pioneers, farmers, soldiers, cowboys, gold miners, gangsters, hippies, writers, artists, entertainers. None of them had the luxury—the blessing—of toting a virtual community along. None until this latest crop.

We’re headed west. I hope you’ll join us for the adventure.

Send me Your light and Your faithful care,
let them lead me;
let them bring me to Your holy mountain,
to the place where You dwell. Psalm 43:3 NIV

In a big country, dreams stay with you

pink hydrangea

I hate cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our masthead dons pink to show support.

Honor survivors, those battling the disease, and those who’ve lost loved ones in the fight. Pray to end this and all cancers.

Thank you to And Cuisine For All for the idea.

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41 Responses to Westward Expansion

  1. Heh… be careful… in your note to Westward expansion, one day you might find yourself on the Western seaboard!!!

    Moving isn’t so bad when you have people to connect with and/or relate.

    I’ve never lived anywhere that I didn’t know someone.

    Moving to St. Louis was the closest I’ve come to being “alone in the wilderness”, but my fiance was here, and that made everything doable.

    As you have your blog and the ability to keep close with them online, you don’t suffer from lack of friends. What’s more important is that you have your immediate family with you. Your faith and your family will keep you grounded and sane, able to navigate your new surrounding.

    In no time you’ll probably find a new church. Get yourself plugged in and you’re set. I wouldn’t be surprised if within a year of moving it’ll all feel like an old hat, and you’ll be debating what’s better, Kansas bbq, St. Louis bbq or Carolinian bbq.

    • WA, you’re encouragement is refreshing! Our goal now is to make the move a smooth and happy transition. Then hit the ground in Kansas running.
      As for the barbecue, hands down Carolina wins. Always. There’s nothing like it in the world…

  2. Elizabeth Ward

    Sweet Aimee-
    We will pray with you and for you. Moving from Richmond, VA to St. Louis was one of the hardest things I’ve done. God showed Himself faithful though – as He always will – and we have lived a great life here. You, with your engaging personality, your witty husband and delightful little guy will charm Wichita. May He go before you and pave the way for a great experience in Kansas.
    “I will go before you and make the rough places smooth; I will shatter the doors of bronze and cut through their iron bars.” Isaiah 45:2

    • Elizabeth, thank you for your comment. You have such a good heart and knowing the Wards has been a highlight of our time in St. Louis. Looking forward to spending some time with your crew before we make this next move.

  3. Good luck, Aimee! Goodness knows I can identify with the Joubert on which you will embark. Have fun and enjoy the ride! :)

    • Thanks, Kelli! I know you can relate to the saga of relocation as you’ve just been through it. Although I’m betting a move to Kansas will be a wee bit different than a move to Florida :) Seriously, change can be tough no matter what or where. Bittersweet…

  4. With the journey…the JOURNEY! Why does autocorrect make my life.miserable? What the heck is Joubert?! :)

  5. Wow! Love the fact that Jeff guy gets some great opportunities while moving. We wish you the best on your move and just to let you know, Lyn was born there, still has family there, and we have been there like a year ago. Talk to her for more info. Thank you for all of your bloggin help and support!!

    • Jeff, yes my Jeff is very excited about the job. I will definitely be talking to Lyn as I didn’t know that about her. Always assumed she was from California or Colorado. Not sure why I thought that.
      Born Bleeding has had quite a story to cover with the Cardinals, huh? I’m so thankful for social media–blogging, Facebook, etc. Not nearly as scary knowing I can stay connected.

  6. I know this had to be a really difficult decision, Aimee (says the lifelong Midwesterner), but it is awesome to watch you support your husband and embrace this new challenge. When’s the big move?

  7. Isn’t it neat how the Lord has worked everything out just so for you guys in the mean time? Praying for your transition lady.

    • I know, Tiffany. I’m amazed when I think about the timing, especially on the sale of our house! I mean, the thing sat there for TWO YEARS! We got the contract that lead to the sale of the house just two weeks before we first heard of the possible acquisition. God is always at work. Brings me to my knees, as it should.

  8. Carolina cowgirl! I love that name and am totally calling you it. :) I’m a rockstar at only knowing there are people for you connect with in Wichita. It’s a new adventure…and maybe you will take up clogging…and canning. :)

    • Katie, you are a rock star in the circles I’ve seen you run so far. You’re what Malcolm Gladwell calls a Connector and a Maven in The Tipping Point. Similar to Paul Revere. You are likely also a Salesman or possess some qualities of persuasion. In other words, you make it happen, lady!
      I hope Celeste The Couture Cowgirl approves of my new nickname. Horseback riding? Yes. Clogging? Maybe. Canning? Don’t push it.

  9. Elizabeth Whelan

    The mere mention of adventure sends me down memory lane 6 years ago when I arrived in Texas. I was bound to make the best of it! Boxes were finally unpacked..I had convinced Bailey our 70 lb lab she didn’t need to be carried around the house…this was “home” now! I was ready to head out and explore what Texas was all about. My first stop, the cleaners, to get a button taken care of on Don’s pants. I thought I was speaking Enlgish but was not sure. The gal responded, “Hon’on, don’t you worry now, we ain’t gonna put no itty bitty button on them there brithces now”! Ok, it was clear I was on new land. Did I have to trade in my J. Crew sweater set for a halter top?? God has tamed my heart after six years. I am a work in progress. If he can tame me — he can tame you!!!! Lean on us sister!!!:)

  10. Once you get Jeff dressed up in his hat and cowboy boots please post a picture. I can’t wait to see it..

  11. Westward Ho, Aimee! I can’t wait to read about your journey and new adventures here.

  12. Christel

    Follow the yellow brick road! I am happy for y’all! Thank goodness for internet. This will be an adventure you can share with all of us. New blogs, exciting pictures, and new memories you’ll be making! If y’all are thinking of purchasing a second vehicle ….you might should invest in a u haul!!! Lol

    • Love it, Christel! The first senior copywriter I worked with at Trone had a brick painted yellow always sitting on her desk. She was super talented. Maybe there’s something to Oz! Gotta get me one of those bricks.
      Funny you mention the second vehicle. It takes us FOREVER to make a decision, but we’ve nearly settled on a great big ol’ SUV complete with a trailer hitch. For the horse trailer. Or the U-Haul. Lol.

  13. April

    Hi Aimee! I can so relate. When I got married, I was excited about the adventure that I would have, as my husband contracted for awhile, leading us to quite a few different places. I kept thinking, “it’s ok, because when we settle down, we’ll be back in NC”. But we never did go back there. Now we’re in Texas. Yes, Cowtown is in Texas- Fort Worth, I believe! Loved what Via said; so true! It’s been true for me. Find a good church and you’ll have new “peeps” who will get you settled in just fine. You’ll be a blessing to others, for sure!

    • April, you know how to make a girl’s morning! Our plan of action includes finding a good church and some new peeps. We want to hit the ground running this move, as much as possible. We might even make a road trip to Fort Worth in the near future. Would love to see you all!

  14. Tiffany Odom

    Hold on just a minute…I was just this past weekend looking at plane ticket prices to St. Louis, seriously!! We have said often, we should go visit Jeff and Aimee in St. Louis..SIGH. I suppose we waited to long…maybe now a better plan would be to meet you on the coast of Carolina sometime :) I’m sure you will do great with the change, and Wichita will be a better place with the Whetstine family there! Guess I should do a better job at keeping up with the blog, so I’m looking for the correct plane tickets next time, lol.

    • There’s still time! We’re here until mid-December. In fact, my family’s driving in for Thanksgiving. I can see it now: the Southern caravan to Thanksgiving in the Lou! :) You know you’re welcome to visit wherever we live. And anytime’s a good time for a meeting at the Carolina coast. It’s one of my happy places!

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