Miss Ruby’s Wisdom

OPI an affair in red square

One of the best bits of parenting advice I’ve ever received came from a salon stylist in Nashville.

I’d known her for the length of my spa mani-pedi. Long enough to glean a jewel of wisdom.

She’d been through a lot in her life. Divorce, moves, changes, children.

Before settling down as a stylist, she ran a country restaurant. Woman after my own heart. Regulars called her Miss Ruby, not her real name.

We got to talking about our kids as the paint dried. She told me about her son who’s older than mine. He sounded adventurous. Recently tried sky diving.

I told her about my son’s daredevil tendencies. How they show up in his climbing antics, his inventions, his stories, and his wardrobe choices.

From across the manicure table, Miss Ruby looked me straight in the eye and said in no uncertain terms, “You let him be his own little person.”

Bingo. Exactly what I needed to hear.

backyard siege

What Miss Ruby didn’t know is that if I like you, I personality type you. I have also been known to do your colors and identify your fashion style, but that’s another post.

Using “Nurture by Nature,” written by Myers-Briggs experts Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger, I’ve already guessed my son’s personality type.

So far it appears I’ve typed him correctly. Even if I’m wrong, his father and I will be wise to heed Miss Ruby’s advice.

We’d probably all be wise to heed Miss Ruby’s advice when dealing with the different characters in our lives.

So he wants to wear clothes that don’t match? Head-to-toe camo to school? Stripe on stripe?

Tell long, involved stories about the new Star Wars movie he will make when he grows up? Create “newspapers” and hawk them to neighbors for $19.99?

Describe in detail armament he will design when he joins the United States military? Stage a battlefield in my backyard with lawn care implements and vacuum cleaner attachments to reenact a siege?

ruby slipper detail, as seen at Nordstrom

Let him be his own person, she said.

Much obliged, Miss Ruby. I believe your nickname has you pegged.

Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10 KJV

Cool song and fantastic video for this post. Watch the toys build music city as the Kaiser Chiefs sing Ruby.

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8 Responses to Miss Ruby’s Wisdom

  1. Wow, a ruby indeed! Hope your move to Wichita goes well. You’ve got some wind in your forecast! :)

  2. Christel Oliphant

    Love It ! Let him wear mismatched converse shoes, camo-up, make a war zone in the back yard! Be your own self Theo !!! Awesome advice & great blog !

  3. Aimee, I feel like I am being introduced to the most amazing women. Just came over to see your new buttons- not sure what I am looking for, but found this and love it.

    Thank you.

    Kasse D.

    • Thanks, Kasse! My first button is the “I hate cancer” one to the right. It’s for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. More about that in Saturday’s post… Glad you stopped by and hope you’ll visit again soon. And I agree, Miss Ruby is a gem!