Not a Moo Moo

not a moo moo

Needed pajamas for a girls’ weekend away. My comfortable, old nightgown was threadbare. The loungewear department was calling.

As I swept across the sales floor at Dillard’s pulling things to try, I spotted it. A rack of baby terry cloth by Miss Elaine. Bright colors, soft fabric. I circled back for a closer look.

There I found a slightly A-line dress. No waistline, v neck, side seam pockets, tea length hem. Modern, close fit at the top. Loose on down.

The dressing room verified my suspicions. It was comfortable. Extremely comfortable.

So I bought it along with a couple more items for my trip. It was too warm to wear the baby terry dress at the time, and it was still full price. But I couldn’t leave that caliber of comfort in the store.

I bought it dreaming of a cool fall Sunday after church, pulling on the baby terry dress and lounging around the house. Making hot chocolate or popcorn. Watching movies. All cozy and warm.

Then it occurred to me. I’m only 40. Had I just purchased my first moo moo?

To me, Miss Elaine seems like an upper end line for mature women. And baby terry cloth? No pretty young thing I know would be caught dead in tea length baby terry cloth. No PYT even knows what tea length is these days.

mini patch pocket

It’s not a moo moo, I reasoned. It’s fitted at the top for goodness sake. And it’s got a mini patch pocket.

Besides who cares if it is categorically a moo moo? It’s one of the most comfortable garments I’ve ever owned.

I heard a Bible teacher once chastise us women for seeking our own comfort. Who did we think we were to put ourselves first and care foremost about our own well-being? To choose comfort instead of sacrifice?

Rather than a call to asceticism, I think she meant for us to see our own selfishness—as if we needed to be bashed over the head with the obvious and have the sacrifices we do make heartily invalidated. We wallowed in guilt while comfort was called on the carpet.

It’s fall now. A chill nips the edges of our daytime temps. I’m sitting at my computer, wearing my baby terry dress that’s not a moo moo.

The world is spinning into chaos outside the door of my little house. The economy is stalled indefinitely. There are protesters occupying Wall Street.

Decisions are not being made. Conflicts are left unresolved. People I know are divorced or alone, hurting, sick or dead. Winter will be here soon.

God comforts us. He wouldn’t do it if we didn’t need it. Over indulgence, selfishness, and hedonism are vices for sure. But comfort? Comfort is a necessity.

All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 NLT

Going classical with Comfort Ye My People from The Messiah by George Frederic Handel. Sacred prelude to the holiday season.

trio of terry


Recently I hit Dillard’s clearance. Picked up two more Miss Elaine baby terry dresses that are not moo moos. Only $6.20 each. All rise for the Bargainista.

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18 Responses to Not a Moo Moo

  1. You are right it’s not a moo moo. I should know I am old enough to have moo moos. I got my first one at 39. I swore I would never wear one but….never say never. Anyway, my mom and aunts knew comfort and now I do too. I guess it is true with age comes wisdom and comfort. All hail bargainistas and moms.

  2. My mother-in-law was the queen of moo moo’s. Bright floral beauties purchased in Hawaii each year. Sweet memories of her barefoot smiling form cleaning the backyard pool looking like a walking botanical garden.

    Kept the dresses. For the costume box. Some memories should stay just that:)

  3. Diana Byrd

    On my way to Dillard’s to search for “Miss Elaine!”. I’m thinking comfort for Christmas! Thanks, Aimee! (*_*)

  4. Just don’t wear it out of the house, and I think you’ll be ok! ;)

  5. Mmm…I like your scripture reference for the day. It made me think of the peace of Christ that is offered to me daily. Thanks! And um, I’m more of a tank top and pajama bottom girl myself….but, ok, it’s not a moo moo…..

    • That’s one of my favorite scriptures. I remember reading it a long time ago and realizing God is kind (epiphany, I know).
      Tiffany, stick with those tanks and pj bottoms for as long as you can. You’re too young to want for the nightgown that’s not a moo moo, but it’s coming…

  6. Aimee you bring calm to my chaos. Comfort is a necessity. Thank you thank you thank you. I’m in KC today where I think I may see your husband and wish you were along. But I hope to get a break to buy myself a terry cloth not a moo moo because my jammies are thread bare also!

  7. Ah Moo Moos… or non-moo moo moo moos…

    It probably was some time around age 40 my mother started wearing them, and well I remember visiting many an old Cajun lady wearing a moo moo – though I don’t recall my grandmother ever doing such until she was really old and ill.

    One of your other commenters noted a set of floral moo moos that a relative would wear. That reminds me of my step-father’s cousin. She’s another queen of moo moos. Bright, vibrant, floral, garish things… and I think she wears them out in public! But then, she’s quite a character and never one for being reserved.

    My mother gave my wife some clothes, among them a night gown. I, the typical male, stuck my foot in my mouth and called it a moo moo when she tried it on! She hasn’t worn it since. No, my wife is a t-shirt and sweats kinda girl. A moo moo or anything similar to it, she will vigorously fight against wearing.

    Personally I don’t see how such a thing can be so comfortable – I’ve tried on full length tunic before (an arab thawb) and maybe it was just the cut or maybe it’s just because I’m a guy, but that felt downright weird!

  8. Joy

    Ha! I just realized that I wanted to get in on the moo moo post. Then I forgot. We are totally too young for the moo moo but cursees, they are so comfy. I looooove moo moo, and moo moo barganista is even cooler. Holla to da bargainista!