Free Thanksgiving Blog Button

If you were a fan of The X-Files, as was/am I, you’ll remember the quip in the closing credits from Ten Thirteen Productions: “I made this.”

Well, I made this:

How crafty am I? Don’t answer. That’s meant to be a rhetorical question.

The button, however, is yours for the taking. Copy and use at will in your social media to celebrate Thanksgiving. See? I’m using it in the sidebar to the right and as the profile picture on the everyday epistle Facebook page.

Come back tomorrow when, for my next trick, I plan to feature the Hebrews verse in a post AND link the post to this button! Wowza.

Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25 NLT

Whatcha waiting for? Waiting for Tomorrow by Mandisa. You made me for so much more than sitting on the sidelines… 

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8 Responses to Free Thanksgiving Blog Button

  1. Ok, I’m sooo not tech savvy. I’d love to include your button, but don’t see the HTML for it. No doubt it’s easier than I’m making it… Thanks!

  2. Love the button! Sadly I’m not as tech savvy as you are :(

  3. Joy

    I got your button, lady! And I’m using it in my post tomorrow…I *heart* your blog button :)
    But I really just like the term blog button…bah.

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