Linky Poos & Free Christmas Blog Button

as seen at Gardenland Express Holiday Flower & Train Show,

Been tidying up a bit in anticipation of the December rush. A quick post to keep you apprised of where to find things around here.

The Social Network has moved from the sidebar to the top menu. Check out these links to blogs I know and love because of their authors, their content, or both. Watch for more jewels to be added to this crown.

Also new to the top menu is the Buttons page. Grab and use any of these buttons on your social media, including the newest button featuring silver Christ-mas ornaments. Helps to remember the reason for the season.

Finally, a couple months ago in a post called Linky Dos, I boldly declared I would throw a Linky Party. That’s what happens when one is in love, as I am with this blog and with you readers. One makes promises.

Well, darlings, I found out my free WordPress platform doesn’t allow for the Linky Party plug-in. Nor does it allow for Google Analytics.

I’d still like to throw a Linky Party for you and use Google Analytics for stats. But I’m not moving back to Blogger. And I’m not ready to self-host on WordPress.

Or am I?

Maybe WordPress will come around. Maybe I’ll catch up with the technology. Guaranteed we’ll all learn together. Stay tuned to see how this drama plays out in the weeks ahead.

Back in a jiffy with another hair-raising post. You can count on it.

For Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom.
You rule throughout all generations.

The Lord always keeps His promises;
He is gracious in all He does. Psalm 145:13 NLT

I couldn’t keep myself from making promises. Indigo Girls. Brilliant.

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4 Responses to Linky Poos & Free Christmas Blog Button

  1. How in the world did you figure all this stuff out? Youth! It is your wonderfully young mind. I like it lots.

  2. Joy

    It is awesome, Aimee! I’m gonna be using your bb again! Ha – and that’s not your bb gun. Bwahahaha!