Reader’s Choice 2011: Nice is the New Mean

Ginger Price

Ginger Price has walked with lions in Africa. Really.

She’s also been named Vice President of the everyday epistle fan club, an imaginary association. My husband is President.

Dependable, kind, honest, smart, and humorous, Ginger has a saucy streak that endears her to those around her.

Bonus: her favorite post, published long before Kansas was on my radar much less my return address, contains a link to a clip from The Wizard of Oz.

Ginger’s Reader’s Choice is:

Nice is the New Mean

click to read Nice is the New Mean

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2 Responses to Reader’s Choice 2011: Nice is the New Mean

  1. Anita S

    I can tell why this is a Reader’s Choice post! You have put your finger on a significant truth: many women become empowered to be themselves when they reach 40 and above. Being “nice” is no longer tolerable. My mom experienced this when she was rather older that 40, almost 50 in fact. She came to a turning point in her life at which she knew that she had to give herself permission to be *real* or she would continue to die the slow death of submerging her own self in order to help others. Her choice to be herself has set an example for me, helping me to be who I am too.
    Thank you for this post.