Reader’s Choice 2011: Momma Bear Speaks

Nicole Diehl

Nicole Diehl of Here’s the Diehl is largely responsible for setting me loose on WordPress.

A dedicated mother of three, Nicole’s Reader’s Choice is one of the rare everyday epistle posts that does not link to a song.

There is no song to express the outrage, ferocity, and righteous anger responsible adults have against predators of children.

Nicole’s Reader’s Choice choice is:

Momma Bear Speaks

click to read Momma Bear Speaks

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3 Responses to Reader’s Choice 2011: Momma Bear Speaks

  1. Excellent post that I also have a personal reason to appreciate. On a second note, I want to thank you Aimee for turning me on to Nicole’s awesome blog as well. I have greatly enjoyed it of late. Blog networking rocks!