Reader’s Choice 2011: Milk Wars

Katie Pinke

Katie Pinke of Pinke Post is a force with which to be reckoned.

Earlier this month, Katie was appointed the director of the marketing and information division in the North Dakota Department of Agriculture.

But before that, when her favorite post was first published back in June, Katie spread the story far and wide.

Her network helped make this the second most read everyday epistle post to date. My stats show it has been shared 295 times and counting on Facebook and 51 on Twitter.

Thank you, Madame Director and friends.

Katie’s Reader’s Choice is:

Milk Wars

click to read Milk Wars

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4 Responses to Reader’s Choice 2011: Milk Wars

  1. zweberfarms

    It was Katie and this post that brought me to your blog! Now I am regular reader. Thank you Aimee for your great work in blogging.


    • Thank you, Emily, Ms. Executive Director!
      btw I enjoy your site too. I’ve been remiss lately in following and commenting on the wonderful work of my fellow bloggers. Chalk it up to an interstate move, major holiday, and sinus infection. The mega-stress trinity.
      But 2012’s coming and diligence on the blogosphere is at the top of my resolutions list :)

  2. I am going to echo Emily’s comments above. This post was the post that brought me to your blog too! I’m so glad we “met” and can’t wait to meet you in person! Again, welcome to the wild, wild west :)