Cats and Dogs

Didn’t plan to post today. Heard this in church and had to share. The difference between cats and dogs, from the pulpit:

dog pillow as seen at Traditions in Wichita,

A dog thinks, “My master feeds me, gives me a place to rest, takes care of me, and shows me love. He must be God!”

cat pillow as seen at Traditions in Wichita,

A cat thinks, “My master feeds me, gives me a place to rest, takes care of me, and shows me love. I must be God!”

There you have it. Cats and dogs.

Which are you?

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” from Psalm 14:1 NIV

Monday morning on Broadway with Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats.

For the Record

one dog at rest

This post is not a moral judgement on cats and dogs. It isn’t about cats and dogs at all. If you think it is, read it again.

We currently have one dog. I’d like to add a cat, but my husband claims not to be a cat person. Strange because cats are drawn to him like magnets.

Maybe they think he’s God.

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18 Responses to Cats and Dogs

  1. Anita S

    I like this story very much, both because it speaks profoundly of human nature (and tells us about worshiping God) and because I love cats!

  2. Very funny and perceptive. While the message may not have been specifically about cats, it certainly describes my Simon. Great post as always Aimee!

  3. zweberfarms

    Ohh I so hope I am a dog!

  4. I am surely a dog, certainly spiritually, but even according to one personality test i once took. Said I was/would be a good, loyal person/employee.

    That said, go figure, I prefer cats. We currently have two cats. We’ve had dogs and grew up with cats and dogs.

    • Ah, I bet it was the DISC personality inventory and you are a golden retriever in the S quadrant. I think I was part dog, part lion, and part otter? Could that be right?

      • That sounds about right. I believe I was part dog and part otter – actually I think it was a beaver.

        Between that test and another personality/jobs test I took which said I am/could be an analytical coordinator or conversely a coordinating analyist?!, the person who reviewed the tests with me – and knew me – said that I’d make a great second-in-command. That I could be a leader – if a situation arose, but I operate better sorta, behind the scenes, without needing to be on top.

        On a completely tangential note – but related to personality tests – there is a political ideology test – free and online – called the political compass. It looks at economics, foreign policy, etc. and breaks things down into liberal, conservative, libertarian and maybe totalitarian or something like that. I’ve taken it three times over the last decade and every time I wind up almost near the center but still in conservative territory, just north of libertarian. Shrug.

        And further down the rabbit trail, I’ve taken a couple of denomination tests online. That’s how I found out about E-Free. The denomination intrigued me. Seventh Day Adventist always scored at the top, but I think the test might have been created by one! Ha! And, even more interesting – and one I think Christians ought to take – was a philosophy test. Basically it tested your logic and beliefs. I think that many people would be surprised that they’d flunk it. It’s set up by non-christians. After taking the test, I think that a sound Christian can pass the test but will not score 100% due to the metric and worldview of the test-writers. A sound Christian will “bite a bullet” on one of the questions/answers, but won’t “take a bullet”. My suspicion is that many Christians and non-christians would flunk the test because their beliefs aren’t logically sound – they haven’t actually sat down to think about what they believe, why and whether it is sound or not.

        Brevity – not one of my strong points.

  5. April


  6. Very funny post Aimee! Tell Jeff that all serious writers — like you — must have a cat!

  7. I love it! As the owner of two kittens, absolutely true. And I guess there is a thing about why some people just prefer cats is exactly because of this. Maybe they just don’t like to be treated like the godlike entity their dog treats them as. As much as I like dogs, I’m way more of a cat person… probably because I just like having a more independent-minded creature living with me.
    You own a dog. You cohabitate with a cat.

    • That’s too funny! I read something similar about terriers in a Brian Kilcommons book before we got one. Kilcommons wrote you don’t own a terrier. You live with one. He also wrote terriers need to come with their own leather jackets. I can attest our terrier is a small dog who thinks she’s a big dog (or a person). However, like most other dogs, she also adores her people as her pack.

  8. Terry Odom

    I have no idea what I am and what I prefer anymore. Always thought I was a dog person. Love them and we’ve almost always had one since we’ve been married. However, at Christmas a wandering cat came up with damaged ears and obviously sick. He simply came into our house while furniture was being delivered. Came up to me and started rubbing himself against me. Couldn’t help but like the guy. After couple of weeks he came back and we took him to the vet. He’s taken up residence on our couch. He’s the lap dog we never thought we’d have with our 70 lb dog. He’s my buddy…. I now have two. Never to late to help a stray pet. :-)