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Met some great people blogging. I may not know them in “real” life, but they’re amigos nonetheless.

For example, Amy of Using Our Words who kindly introduced me to Amy of trembling ovaries. Both wildly talented writers. And if you are named Amy, or some derivative like Aimee, we might let you be in our club.

Recently Amy of Using Our Words blogged about the travails of grocery shopping with children. The corporate groan arose from parents.

She invited us to share our stories in the comments. I got a little carried away (hard to believe, I know), and wrote nearly a post about my best-worst grocery store excursion with my son. It’s one of my favorite early motherhood memories.

Why pass up the opportunity to post a perfectly good story? That would be like throwing away a perfectly good cereal box when my son can make a turtle house out of it. In the spirit of reduce, reuse, recycle, I’ll share it again here with you.

shell game

The story takes place in the Mexican food aisle of our local grocery store where I looking for a certain brand of taco shells or something, which of course I couldn’t find. My son was still very little. I’m not even sure he could walk yet, but boy, could he move.

He didn’t want to sit in the cart. He didn’t want me to hold him like a normal baby. He wanted to climb up as high as he could on Mt. Momma and cliff jump off my head.

Where are those cotton-picking taco shells?! Must get out of this store…

My son’s gymnastics were commonplace to me. Without thinking, I hoisted him up over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I held him firmly by his leg as he dangled down my back cooing with glee.

Finally I could study the shelves of processed Tex-Mex in peace. Ah, there were the shells I needed.

Then I felt it. The pressure of the heavy gaze of judgment.

I turned to see two older women frozen stiff, staring at me in horror. How could I hold my dear, sweet child in such peril?

My blood pressure spiked like a jalapeño’s heat. Without skipping a beat, I pulled my little one back from the brink of imaginary disaster and thrust him out toward the gawkers.

“Would you like to hold him?” I said. “Didn’t think so.” We grabbed our shells and away we went.

Adiós, señoras. Things aren’t always as they appear.

chip on my shoulder

The LORD doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7 NLT

La Cucaracha. What did you expect?

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14 Responses to One Spicy Mamacita

  1. Love it! Mamacitas are doing everything they can to feed, clothe, shelter, teach and love their children. No judgement por favor!

  2. Amy

    I wish we lived in the same town so I could see your kid wrangling in action. Also, we could have monthly Amy/Aimee Club meetings. In the Mexican foods aisle of the grocery store.

  3. I have a sister named Amy, can I be an affiliate of your club?! I also have a grocery store, horrified stare, story. I have five kids…they are big now, but they were all born within 4 1/2 years…yes, we do know what causes that! (Let me just insert here that sometimes you take what is handed to you and make the best of it!) Anyway, I was off buying diapers (again) and had them all sitting in the cart or hanging off it. I met a certain older lady in a couple of aisles. My kids were well behaved, but not very quiet….and she finally said, “Don’t you KNOW you’re not supposed to have so many kids!”

    I had no response, so I said, “OH!” and walked on.

    Later, I got mad. I really didn’t plan to have this many kids. I had no idea how I was going to handle it emotionally and financially! My husband and I were working hard to make it all meet in the middle and she had the nerve to criticize them! I planned my next meeting with her…I knew just what I was going to say!

    The next time I saw her I would proudly say “There are some of us God needs more of!” But…I never saw her again. Parents need support, not criticism!! Good for you–just don’t let go of your climber. He may be a world-famous explorer one day!

    • Debbie, you have my son pegged. Insatiable curiosity, imagination, and gross motor skills.
      How rude of that woman to say that to you! Ugh. There are some of us God needs more of, including people like you and those of us named Amy/Aimee :)

  4. I often hoist, flop, dangle and waggle my children around, often upside down or flipped… though normally not in a store!

    I’ve begun flipping our near year old twins. Mommy was a bit taken aback, thinking them too little and not ready, but she quickly realized that they liked it and wanted more when the babies would crane their heads back – in anticipation of being flipped. And our little girl will often get on all fours and crane her head down, touching the floor and looking backwards. She likes being upside down.

    If I’m not doing a circus style tumble-somersault with them, I’ve got them by the ankles swinging them like a clock, saying ” tick tock, tick tock”. Or, as you did, hang them down my back and do “french curls” with them.

    My wife has figured out. The kids see it as fun. I see it as a workout.

  5. I just noticed the music choice (so much for being observant, I know)… and actually I was expecting something else – Tijuana Taxi :D Gotta love Herb Alpert.