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“Take care of your backpack, please,” I said to my son.

“Okay, Mom,” he said. “But first can I read my Bible?”

Never expected to hear that in a million years. And read he does. Independently. And learn. Without prompting.

Enter The Action Bible. We gave him the book this past Christmas.

“Mom, did you know Jerusalem was conquered by a series of empires?” he said. “Babylon conquered Jerusalem, Persia conquered Babylon, Greece conquered Persia, and Rome conquered Greece.”

Oh, dear. Mom needs a refresher course. This isn’t kid’s stuff.

Brilliantly illustrated by Sergio Cariello, The Action Bible brings to life more than 200 Bible stories in the exciting style of the graphic novel. The result is riveting.

Here’s a sampling from a familiar story on pages 280 and 281:

Copyright 2010 Sergio Cariello. The Action Bible published by David C Cook. Publisher permission required to reproduce. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2010 Sergio Cariello. The Action Bible published by David C Cook. Publisher permission required to reproduce. All rights reserved.

The thrilling narrative and bright colors capture my son’s attention. And they remind me God is not some namby-pamby, sissy deity.

I’m as guilty as any kumbayah Christian of embracing God’s tenderness and mercy—the essence of His character, to the neglect of the ferocity of His determinant power. God is love, yes. God is also holy, strong, and just.

The struggles in the Bible and in our time are life and death battles. Humanity hangs in the balance. There’s violence and vengeance, plagues and murder. Fire ripping from the sky. Blood dripping from a splintered, wooden cross.

Want to brush up on your Bible stories? Never learned them in the first place? Here’s your chance.

Maybe you love the Bible. Want the kids (or adults) in your life to love it too, without your nagging? The Action Bible is a fantastic place to begin.

As milk helps us to develop a hunger for meat, The Action Bible whets the appetite for Scripture in those who would dare to read it.

So will the Words that come out of My mouth
not come back empty-handed.
They’ll do the work I sent them to do,
They’ll complete the assignment I gave them. Isaiah 55:11 The Message

God’s Not Dead. He’s surely alive. Newsboys.

We’re Giving Away a Copy of The Action Bible!

Here’s how to enter:

  • To enter the drawing for The Action Bible, simply comment on this post.
  • You have until midnight, Tuesday, April 3rd, to comment to enter.
  • Only one comment per reader please.
  • A winner will be randomly drawn and contacted Wednesday, April 4th.
  • I will personally pay to ship the book to an address of the winner’s choosing within the contiguous U.S. in time for Easter. International shipping cannot be guaranteed in time for Easter.

The Action Bible New Testament


I’m not being compensated to promote this book.

I was so impressed with The Action Bible that I contacted the publisher David C. Cook myself. They were kind enough to honor my requests for permission to show the illustrations in this post and for a book to give away.

They also surprised my son with something I did not request, their new book The Action Bible New Testament. I am thankful for their graciousness.

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Comment by midnight, Tuesday, April 3rd,
to enter the drawing for The Action Bible!

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38 Responses to Action Attraction: The Action Bible Book Giveaway

  1. Cheryl Brewer

    Thanks for the info on the action Bible. I think Benjamin would love it. I will check it out!

  2. Ging

    Such sweet words from T. I love it!!! I know a little guy who is just the right age for an Action Bible. Pfft, I’m so glad we don’t serve a namby-pamby God.

  3. Joy

    I am so glad this is your giveaway!!! I’ve been wanting something like this for my 10 year old son. I think I have seen it before while searching once or twice. Getting it, not just for him but for my nephews, as well!!

  4. YEA!!!! I want one!!!! :D

  5. Jason Starbuck

    Cool Aimee! I got out some of my old comics and was reading them to Nate. This would be uber cool!

  6. Amy Condit

    That looks awesome! I would love to get one for my son!

  7. I know an enterprising young man who would love to have a copy of The Action Bible.

  8. Christel

    Hmmmm. Think I will enter on behalf of my 4 year old niece savannah! Nice give away Aimee!

  9. BestThought

    Hey Aimee – I’ve been looking for something for Noelle when she gets a little older (she’s REALLY into the “Read Aloud Bible Stories” right now), so thanks for the recommendation! Also, I wasn’t able to read the excerpt – it didn’t seem to be there… Ruth Stith

  10. I’m sure our boys would love this! Great giveaway :)

  11. Aimee,
    This is very cool that you are doing this on your own. I’m amazed by what my two kiddos absorb at Awana or Sunday school that they then in turn share with their friends. God is amazing! Thanks for all that you do!

  12. I’m going to get this for my son. I have such a hard time getting him interested in the Bible and it is frustrating and it worries me. Maybe this will do the trick…Thanks for the info, Aimee!

  13. Wendy Turner

    Ok Aimee. I’m interested. The question is will it get boys who don’t like to read wanting to read. Scott and I love to read and neither of our boys have any interest in reading. They read because they have to for school. We were just talking Monday night about us reading a book of the bible independently as a family and then coming together to discuss it. I’ll have to get a closer look at this Action Bible. Thanks for sharing. Think of you often.

  14. Julie

    thanks for letting me know about this Bible, Aimee- so good for my kids to have fresh reasons for reading Bible stories, especially when they hear them at church. Making the transition to reading them at home is so important (for adults as much as children!).

  15. I would love to win this!! I have 2 boys who would love this kind if bible!! And anything a mom can do to get hers kids loving scripture, she should!! Please pick me!!

  16. Very cool! Will would love this. :)

  17. Pam

    This looks awesome! I have been looking for a Bible for my 8-year-old that will engage him and this looks like just the thing! Throwing my hat into the ring!

  18. My 6-year-old son would absolutely love this! What a gift!

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  20. Cyndi

    Great idea, Aimee! Bring it on!

  21. Brian Q. Lehmann

    I’ve see kids at church with this version, and it does look awesome. I think my kids would love it!

  22. Anissa Hutchins

    My children are grown, but I have a nephew that I think would love this bible. He loves superheros and where better to learn about heros than the bible. Thanks for the chance to win Aimee!

  23. Mark Restaino

    I’m a youth director and I’m trying to make this the Bible they give to the confirmands each year. Why not give them a Bible they’ll actually read.

  24. Kimmie

    This is a wonderful “give away” and I know many kids would love to receive this.. My daughter never believed and is now slowly asking questions about who God is and why he made some people different and why is there evil in people and How does God help the kids at school and parks to not bully any more when we are all suppose to love on one another..

  25. Rebecca Martin

    My son would love this!

  26. Nima Mossallah

    The Action Bible is amazing for ALL ages.. New Believers love it and my 4 sons love it too! Pls bless us with this great gift!

  27. Josh

    I can’t get enough of this book! My younger cousin hasn’t found Jesus yet…the action bible would be a perfect place to start.

  28. Tina Purdie

    Love, love love this book!! My son received it for Christmas and he then gifted one to his best friend for his 9th birthday. Best present ever!! My 53 year old sister now wants one, her birthday is coming in May so again will need the best present ever! I take up to 7 kids to church from our neighborhood and 3 of them need a Bible what a great way to introduce them! Love the illustrations and love reading it with all my kids :)

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  30. rebecca gill

    Sounds exciting, I’m in!

  31. Sara Gianettino

    Dominic is all into action and superheros. Thanks for telling us about this version of the Bible. I have been hoping for something like this to spark his interest. I am all for getting the kids into reading Gods Word. This is the time for them to absorb His Truths.

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  33. Gary Logan

    With a subtle hint from daughter Tabitha, Grandpa Gary definately wants Henry and Hayden to share in the adventure of the action Bible. It’s so great to learn of a way to share the Bible message with the kids.

  34. I was going to purchase this Bible this weekend for my son! (Maybe I’ll win it instead?) What a great way to reach the kids on their level! Love, love, love it.

  35. Carrie

    Great idea Aimee! My little lady has started reading this year and without fail she wants to read the Bible everyday. I struggle sometimes with the ”edge of your seat” stories in the Bible because she is so very sensitive. It is hard to explain these stories in a G-rated version so she will have a really picture of who God is and a solid biblical foundation. Just curious how this action Bible is in that regard. Either way, thanks for sharing and Happy Easter.

  36. Shannon Schrader

    So, whether I win the book or not, I’m totally getting this book for my nephews!!!

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