hollywood dazzle, as seen in Target

You may notice the site looks a little different.

Last night I decided to change to another layout. Then I decided to change back.

Then I decided to add a column. Then I needed a different size masthead.

What once would have cost me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in web design was reduced to a couple dozen decisive (or indecisive) clicks.

Now I’m contemplating ads. WordPress invited me to try their WordAds Beta.

What on earth would they advertise here? Hair coloring seems logical. Or shoes. Or lipstick. Or dog treats. Or maybe Zoloft.

fresh dress

What if they slap an ad up here for something inappropriate? Like Skout. Or a Joel Osteen book. (Apologies to Joel fans. Jim and Tammy Faye ruined it for me. Alas, that’s another post.)

And how much are they going to pay me for ad space? Pennies per click, I’m guessing.

Oh, the drama of the blog, as if we need more drama in our lives.

Another layout? A coupon for Jamba Juice?

Stay tuned. There’s always something brewing here. And it’s bound to be fresh.

But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. Isaiah 40:31 The Message

Kool & the Gang agree, she’s Fresh.

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