Tent City Fireworks

The temperature is 98 degrees. The ground is bone dry. Dust clouds follow in the wake of trucks rumbling across the gravel parking lot.

tent city fireworks

tent city fireworks

It rises out of this flat, summer plain. A white top palace reaching for blue sky.

tent city fireworks mecca


Inside, a mecca to The Revolution. A bow to the Second Amendment.

where the fireworks live

where the fireworks live

This is where the fireworks live.

fireworks giant firecracker

giant firecracker

We’ve never seen such a thing.

fireworks untied we stand

united we stand

Fireworks were outlawed in our former cities, and they’re restricted in Wichita. This, however, is The County.



Country clubs and municipalities will put on their own shows.



Still the citizens’ pride is in everyman’s display.

don't forget the roman candles, love, grandma

love, grandma

We’ll survey the land and watch the night sky—east, west, north, south.

fireworks basket

our basket

We’ll light our own salvos of independence.

fireworks pack

boxed set

“We are Americans!” we’ll say with each spark. “And we are free!”

thank you

thank you

Therefore, you kings, be wise;
be warned, you rulers of the earth.
Serve the Lord with fear
and celebrate His rule with trembling. Psalm 2:10-11 NIV

Firework by Katy Perry.

How did you celebrate Independence Day?

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4 Responses to Tent City Fireworks

  1. What a way to celebrate! While they’re outlawed in our county, we found a way to sneak a couple in the street and it was the highlight of our kids’ summer thus far. Let freedom ring!

  2. Fresno actually allows for small fireworks (anything that doesn’t actually shoot off the ground), so we had a big family gathering at my aunt- and uncle-in-law’s house – including a lot of good food, swimming/pool lounging, and oodles of fireworks!
    How did Ella handle the rockets? One of my cats was pretty calm, but the other was terrified for his life…

    • Ella did not like it one bit. She stayed outside with us for a few minutes then headed for the door. When I came in, she was glued to my side. Not easy for the animals it seems…
      Glad you had a fun fourth of July, Nusy. You are so kind to read and comment on my crazy blogging experiment!