Public Service Announcement

Hi, everyone.

In the past few days, I’ve received some hate tweets, in addition to lots of unsavory comments on the BlogHer site.

It’s important to me to protect the forum of discussion on everyday epistle so people of all views are able to respectfully comment here. In order to do that, all comments will be held in moderation until approved.

Thanks for reading. Please continue to pray God will work in this and in our country as He sees fit. It is my hope we can continue the tradition of the rule of law and the First Amendment, agreeing to disagree with civility and respect for each other.

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10 Responses to Public Service Announcement

  1. You go, Aimee. Thinking God, lions and dens here.

  2. Aimee, I have followed your blog for a long time. You are a good writer and there is a great deal about your posts that I appreciate. You and I are on different sides when it comes to issues like gay marriage, or a woman’s right to choose. That being said, I am impressed that without malice you made your views known and invited dialogue. Oh what Washington could learn from that! It is a shame that some people feel the need to attack you for holding firm on your beliefs. Interesting that your holding firm did not effect my own beliefs, nor do I have less than the good opinion I have ever had of you. I will always advocate for equal rights for all people, period. . .and that includes your right as a writer who holds certain religious beliefs that differ from my own. Again, I have a lot of respect for you in opening this up for a dialogue in the first place. It is a heated issue for which both sides are passionate. Free speech rocks Aimee, but more important than anything you had to say was your demonstration of kindness and civility throughout. Inspiring.

    • Aimee @

      Stephanie, I so appreciate your comment and that you continue to read despite that we see some things differently. Free speech does rock, and worth exercising frequently and fighting for!

  3. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. Just know that we love and stand by you and your beliefs. One of the pastor’s last night talked about how we are called to be a reflection of Christ. That’s what you’re doing–so hang in there.

  4. Elizabeth Whelan

    That is why we love you and your blog!! “People of all views are able to respectfully comment here”! Don’t change a thing…that is why I am a blogger snob because you have set very high standards in EVERY way!
    We are listening to you!

    • Aimee @

      Thanks, Elizabeth. I don’t intend to change a thing. Just need to let things settle down a little bit.

  5. Hey this is fun. Just wanted to see if I’m approvable :-)

    You’re my favorite. The end.

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