Want to See All My Flubs? Subscribe!

This morning, I accidentally hit publish rather than save.

Subscribers got a preview of a post in the works for later this week. The draft was up on the site for about 52 minutes before I realized the mistake and pulled it.

This is the second time this has happened in my 19 months of blogging. Misspells and grammatical errors, however, usually average one per post. Yes, I proofread, but mistakes sometimes escape me before I publish, catch, and correct.

If you want to see the inner workings of the blog and catch the flubs before I do, you really should subscribe via email or RSS feed.

Now back to the draft at hand. Good day!

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8 Responses to Want to See All My Flubs? Subscribe!

  1. LOL! I love waking up to Aimee in my inbox! Have a great Tuesday that feels like a Monday!

  2. I think all bloggers have hit publish at least once followed by an oops…or found a typo after it was published and went back and corrected it. I love how you are encouraging people to see flubs first. Very funny.

    : 0 ) Theresa

    • Aimee

      Thank you, Capri+3. When life hands you lemons, might as well at least try to pour some sugar on em and make lemonade. So glad you came by!

  3. HA! I did this on Friday night – my readers got to see Monday’s post. Whoops! I am impressed that you have only done it twice though. I average twice a month on mixing up the dates :)

  4. Kristin Hackman

    This is one of my biggest fears !! I finally switched to writing “work in progress”
    elsewhere – what an exposed feeling ! Way to roll with it!

    • Aimee

      You know, that is a good idea. I might have to try that. Do you write in a word doc then cut and paste?
      Accidentally publishing blog content is bad, but what’s worse (at least for me) is accidentally sending emails that aren’t “edited.” Done that a time or two more than I’d like…