What I Did All Day

Kim Drew Wright

Kim Drew Wright

Welcome wickedly witty guest blogger, my sorority sister Kim Drew Wright. Today Kim shares a glimpse of the Real Wives of Richmond, Virginia.

He opens the door, takes off his jacket and gives me that look. The one that says, “Why is the house still a mess? Why isn’t dinner ready?”

Instead he says, “What have you done all day?”

I’ve: gotten the kids out of bed, scrambled eggs and poured milk, let the dogs out, made pb&j sandwiches to put in plastic, let the kids help even though it would have been quicker if I did it myself, reminded them to brush their teeth, cleared the breakfast dishes, been saddened by the morning news, braided hair, mediated an argument, picked out clothes, nagged that they are going to miss the bus, yelled to go brush their teeth, tied shoes, found jackets, walked to the bus stop, told them to have a good day, hauled dirty laundry downstairs, unloaded the dishwasher, wiped down the table, loaded the dishwasher, scrubbed stains from shirts, thought about calling my mother before it’s too late, let the dogs in, put laundry in the washer, sent an email about a PTA fundraiser, counseled a friend having marital issues, volunteered at the school library shelving books in order, put the clothes in the dryer before they mildewed, wiped pee off the bathroom floor, forgot to eat lunch, tripped over an abandoned babydoll, tried to remember a conversation from 1982, cleaned up dog puke, ran to the store for miscellaneous items you needed, joked with the cashier to make her day easier, ran into a friend who wanted to do lunch sometime—I think she’s having marital problems, put my tennis shoes on and ran around the neighborhood because according to you a woman my age has to exercise an hour a day just to stay the same weight, gave the dogs a treat, folded laundry and carried it upstairs, took a shower, shoved my skinny jeans aside, answered 11 emails about the fundraiser, considered getting a job with a paycheck, petted the dogs so they would know they are loved, walked to the bus stop, gave our children hugs, gave them a snack, reminded them to wash their hands first, shuffled through school papers, encouraged them to learn from their mistakes, signed up to bring in cookies for a class party as soon as I got the note so the teacher would know I appreciated her, sorted through the mail, swept under the table, screened calls from telemarketers, picked up socks, shoes, jackets and backpacks forgotten in the foyer, listened to our children, reminded them to do their homework, updated Facebook with something cute our children said so I would never forget, yelled for them to turn off the TV, was ignored, took the trash out and, just now, sat down with that book I’ve been wanting to read for 3 months.

“Nothing important,” I say and get up to start dinner.

She carefully watches everything in her household
and suffers nothing from laziness. Proverbs 31:27 NLT

Presenting Steven Tyler and his little band Aerosmith with Crazy… because that’s how we feel on days when we do nothing important.

Steven, Tyler

Crazy Steven & Tyler

What did you do all day?

Kim Drew Wright is a freelance writer, devoted wife, and frazzled mother of three. Most notably, she has excellent taste in dogs.



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8 Responses to What I Did All Day

  1. roy

    glad to see your priorities are in order. until that last line, I had some concern.

    ( this from a home schooling dad, thought that might add context. )

  2. Kim Drew Wright

    If you’re a home schooling dad, I’m thinking you can probably relate…sometimes it seems like a thankless job; and unless you “live it” you can’t completely understand. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to be at home for my kids, but after twelve years as a stay-at-home mom, I’m ready to add some personal dreams/goals to the daily mix.

  3. That was AWESOME!!!! Such a perfect picture of what a mother does all day! Isn’t it funny how easily it gets murky right about mid morning? And again late afternoon…and late evening…and on and on and on….But it’s the most significant calling a woman can endure! Down time does not exist. I. Get. That. :)

    • Aimee

      No rest for the weary. I’m grateful Kim agreed to guest post; she tells it like it is. Thanks for your great comments, Chris!

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  5. tbern

    Thank you for every word! I was a stay-at-home mom for 12 years and had the wonderful opportunity to return to my teaching career when my kids were older. This year, however, we were blessed with twins and I made the heart-breaking, joyous, scary decision to resign from my beloved position to stay home again. And.I.Love.It!!! I’m also fortunate to have a husband who begs me to take it easy rather than flash me “the look.”