Email Subscriptions Issue

Hi, everyone.

A reader and friend alerted me she was no longer receiving emails of new posts even though she had subscribed. WordPress says it was a glitch that has now been resolved.

If you are a subscriber, did you receive an email of today’s Wednesday Words to Remember post with Dr. King’s quote? Please leave me a yay or nay in the comments if you don’t mind so I know if the emails are indeed working again.

Thank you! See you tomorrow with a brave new post about Christians voting.

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26 Responses to Email Subscriptions Issue

  1. MLM

    Yes. Received today’s post WRT the quote by Dr. King. MM

  2. Beth Grossman

    i got it thank you

  3. Cyndi

    Yes, I got the post today – glad to see that I wasn’t blackballed (I was afraid.) :-) Thanks for getting me back in the loop!

  4. Got the post – looking forward to the next!

  5. Aimee, I too had stopped receiving your notification emails and wondered why. Unfortunately, I still did not receive the one that should have come out this morning. Please let me know if I need to “resign-up”.


  6. Tiffany

    I’m getting them :)

  7. Sara Gianettino

    I did receive the e-mail. Thanks