Genuine Courage

An interesting concept from novelist/artist Doug Coupland.

Halloween quote

Doesn’t everyone wear their costumes every day?

Enjoy a safe and fun Halloween!

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8 Responses to Genuine Courage

  1. Which reminds me of the ONE poem I actually retained from High School Lit class:

    ” WE wear the mask that grins and lies,
    It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,—
    This debt we pay to human guile;
    With torn and bleeding hearts we smile,
    And mouth with myriad subtleties. ”
    –Paul Laurence Dunbar

    (Thanks for the memory jog, I was inspired to look up the whole thing!)

    • Aimee

      Good poem. Carl Jung’s psych theory dealt a lot with the masks we wear daily, too. Thanks for contributing to this conversation, Pam.

  2. The costume I often wear is SUPERWOMAN!!!!! lol

  3. That is a good quote from Doug Coupland. I think as a Mom of four toddlers, I switch my costumes throughout the day. This morning I was a chef, then I was a horse for horse back rides. I then morphed into a jester when we had a quadruple meltdown…and it’s only 1:00 p.m. I enjoyed the poem from Pam too.

  4. Heh. A fun (and seasonally appropriate!) way to address what seems to be a pretty familiar theme lately. Thanks for this, Aimee.