Saturday Update

Have a Good Un

have a good ‘un

Hi, there. I know we just touched base yesterday. I hope you all are making peace with your seasonal palettes.

Yesterday turned out to be a very busy day. Some of you may not be connected via Facebook or Twitter, so you might have missed these happenings.

Garza and Lupo Make My Day
If yesterday’s 300th post on the blog was the cake, then the tweet I received from Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo was the icing. Garza and Lupo authored my favorite wardrobe makeover book Nothing to Wear?, and they tweeted little ol’ me.

Tweet from Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo

Tweet from Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo, they called me “Classic Chic!”

The War on Men Hits BlogHer
Yesterday Lisen Stromberg and I were honored to have posts from our blog Finding (Un)Common Ground syndicated on BlogHer. In Point-Counterpoint: The War on Men, we share our opposing views about St. Louis-based author Suzanne Venker and her controversial article that outraged feminists.

Would love for you all to read, share, and weigh in with your opinions. See our original posts at Finding (Un)Common Ground and read the syndicated story on BlogHer. And see Venker’s response to the outrage in her latest post on Fox News also published yesterday. Like I said before, it was a very busy day.

Enjoy the weekend!


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2 Responses to Saturday Update

  1. What an amazing article Aimee!!!! I am sooooo proud of you!! I tried to leave a comment, but had some tech trouble. My computer is acting up. Arg…

    • Aimee

      Thank you, Chris. It may not be your tech issues. If you tried to leave a comment on the Finding (Un)Common Ground site, we were attacked by trolls yesterday, so we are holding all comments in moderation for the time being. I checked, but didn’t see anything in the holding queue from you. If you tried to leave a comment on BlogHer, I’ve found sometimes there’s a lag between when you submit your comment and when it appears. You might check back and see if it showed up. I’m on my way over there in a bit, too.