BlogHer Runs Women and Guns Story

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Women and guns. Guns and women.

Will she ever stop writing about this? 

Yes, I have other things to say. Come back tomorrow.

Today I need a favor.

BlogHer published a new story I wrote. No matter what side you’re on, please go, read, comment, share. Our country deserves to hear many voices in the debate about Second Amendment rights. Post haste. Go now.

How Gun Ownership Empowers Women

I can lose my hard earned freedom if my fear defines my world.
One Girl Revolution
 by Superchick!

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6 Responses to BlogHer Runs Women and Guns Story

  1. Rhonda

    Wonderfully written!

  2. I read… liked your points and that you got ahold of real people to ask their POV. Well written. :)

    • Thanks. In all the recent uproar about guns, the only women I was reading about were moms who thought guns should be banned or severely restricted. I knew there was (and still is) a story there that wasn’t being covered. The Second Amendment applies to American women and many of them value it dearly. I hope to write more on this and talk to more women gun owners as the debate continues.

      • Good point. I was taught as a kid how to fie my Dads gun and to respect its power. I believe it is a parent’s responsibility to make sure their kids respect a gun’s power and know the proper use (not to just shoot someone if they are upset) and only to use them when their parent is present. Good training = safety with guns and more ;)

        • That’s exactly what almost all the women gun owners I spoke with said. And sadly, until I talked to them, it was a point I hadn’t heard before in the media.