Hiatus Continued


I am Italian. I cannot keep calm.

I have no goals. 

That’s what I told my husband. I’m Italian. Melodrama runs high.

“You do have goals,” he said. “You wanted to move back to North Carolina and you did.”

“Yes, but now what?”

Good question. You’d think I’d have figured out that detail in advance.

I love blogging, but my husband’s consulting business is growing. He needs me to take on a more public role in the company, at least for the next few months. Officially, I’m a Managing Partner.

So what becomes of the blog and the 50 other business and writing ideas I have rolling around in my head. Lots of women do both, work for pay and blog for free. Can I? Should I?

Blogging carries with it the urgency of social media to publish. Publish. Publish. Post something already. It reminds me of the toddler in the grocery store who must have the grossly overpriced, cartoon themed, neon colored fruit pops. NOW. How would the wise parent respond to said toddler?

In a word: no. In two words: not now. 


frozen foods aisle

Easy advice to give, but following through feels like a huge, scary risk. It’s so stressful that I had to eat NC barbecue twice already this week as comfort food. I’ll be crowned queen of the Lexington Barbecue Festival come October.

What if you say no and the toddler throws a fit on the floor of the frozen foods aisle? What if she holds her breath until she passes out? What if she hates you?

What if she ignores you and you become irrelevant?

So be it. The wise parent remains in control. The smart mom thinks to herself, “That child’s not the boss of me!

The adult in the situation is able to say no, not now. Everyone survives and is usually better off for it.

What do people really get for all their hard work? I have seen the burden God has placed on us all. Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. Ecclesiastes 3:9-11 NLT

The Zombies Tell Her No.

Have you mastered the art of saying no?

in His time

in His time

FYI: I plan to continue blogging as a monthly contributor for Project Underblog. Please read my August post The What’s Next? Crisis of Blogging.

I also hope to continue to blog here, but I’m not telling you when because I don’t know when. The best way to see the stories I don’t know when I’ll publish is to subscribe for free updates on email. Follow the prompts in the top right sidebar to subscribe. Just do it.

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photo credit: shiilo75 via photopin cc

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10 Responses to Hiatus Continued

  1. Elizabeth

    Aimee, Best of luck to you. Enjoy working with your husband and your monthly Underground posts, not to mention the adventure of settling in to a new home and smoothing the way for your children. Our family had a similar experience (self-employed small business; move to NC; I am a writer) 21 yrs. ago. I applaud you for making new goals during this transition. This choice and its journey will only make you a better writer and blogger. Know that those who truly appreciate you will follow you! You have such a witty, thoughtful and insightful voice. You have more support than you probably realize. :)
    Happy trails!

  2. (insert tantrum) I am going to miss you, Aimee! But saying yes to one thing almost always means saying no to something else. You’re awesome!

  3. roy

    I can never be late, I can never be lost.
    There is no particular place I need to be, except where I am.
    Godspeed, even when you find yourself in PARK for awhile…

  4. I will say that I MISS YOU!!! BUT- and this is a big BUT (not my blogger’s big butt!) you must do what you think is valuable and worthy of your time, my friend!! I totally get the blog gig- it is consuming and for what? I pray what for every day…
    I’ll be here whenever you post. :)

  5. My Italian friend, you have always been a Contributor and Influencer (long before they were trendy words:) Blessings as you find a different way to do that this season.

  6. Follow your heart, Aimee. It will always take you in the right direction!


  7. I second what each and every other fan has said already. I’m excited for all the great changes in your world and will let your words rain down on me wherever they may fall!

  8. I got to enjoy some awesome NC BBQ while in Charlotte last week. Of course, it was awesome comfort food! This comes from someone trying to write a Master’s thesis… I completely understand.

  9. Managing partner has a nice ring! I miss you already.

  10. Sigh. Seasons come and go! Proud of you for knowing when to say no. Even if no is just for right now ;-)