Finding (Un)Common Ground Posts

Lisen Stromberg and I met in the summer of 2012 at the BlogHer conference in New York. Our meeting, chronicled on BlogHer (now SheKnows), launched a point-counterpoint blogging project called Finding (Un)Common Ground that ran for five months during the heat of the 2012 election cycle.

The Finding (Un)Common Ground site is now inactive, but I salvaged the text of my posts to preserve my work.

9.14.12 Terrorists Sent Us A Reminder, We Need to Believe Them

9.19.12 First Amendment Rights Are Indivisible Despite Terrorists

9.26.12 Obama’s Dream Act, Impatient President Circumvents Constitution

10.4.12 Denver Debate Clarified Choices, No Spin Needed

10.10.12 The Adventure and Responsibility of Voter Registration

10.12.16 The Joker vs. Robin, My Take on the Vice Presidential Debate

10.15.12 How Will America Protect the Lives of Our Unborn Citizens?

10.17.12 Weighted Scales: Who Loses When Moderator Enters Debate?

10.23.12 Pro-American Attitude is Tipping Point

10.26.12 Prop 37 Labeling of Biotech Foods Unnecessary, Redundant
10.31.12 Syndicated on BlogHer as Point-Counterpoint: California’s Prop 37 to Label

11.2.12 Rosen, Akin, Mourdock, Dunham, Election 2012 from Lady Parts to Voters’ Hearts

12.6.12 Young Men Reject Marriage, What Did We Expect?
12.6.12 Syndicated on BlogHer as Point-Counterpoint: The War on Men

1.9.13 Armed Guards, Gun Control Fall Short in “Violence Culture”