House Rules

This blog is like my house. I want it to be a safe place for guests to share and agree to disagree. All readers are invited to join the conversation provided they respect these guidelines:

1. There will be a diverse group of guests in my house.
All sorts of people read this blog and all are invited to dialogue.

2. There will be discussion about many different topics, including some you may consider controversial.
God and country are important to me; those topics will appear in the mix.

3. Sometimes there will be disagreement.
Civil discourse is imperative to reach solutions for the challenges we face. Passionately state your case, but mind your manners as well.

4. There will be civility and grace.
Play nice and respect the intrinsic value of the humans involved or go elsewhere.

5. There will be no profanity.
Think of another word to use or expect your comment to be deleted.

6. There will be no bullying.
That means no personal attacks, mudslinging, name-calling, direct threats, implied threats, stalking, harassing, posting of personal information that doesn’t belong to you or has nothing to do with the topic being discussed, libel, defamation, blatant misrepresentation of another person or group, violations of privacy, or links to profane or pornographic material.

7. There will be no spam whatsoever.

8. I determine what is unacceptable on this blog, and I’m not limited by the House Rules.
As the sole owner, content creator, and community manager of this blog, I reserve the right to change the rules and to remove unacceptable comments at any time and without notice.

9. A word to trolls.
If you are a troll, you may comment if you abide by the House Rules. Otherwise, your comment will be deleted. And if you send me hateful tweets, I will block you so I do not receive your messages.

10. Don’t like the rules?
Find another site with different rules.

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