Rosen, Akin, Mourdock, Dunham, Election 2012 from Lady Parts to Voters’ Hearts

First published on Finding UnCommon Ground on November 2, 2012.

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What ever happened to Hilary Rosen? 

You remember Rosen. The Democratic strategist who said Ann Romney never “worked a day in her life.”

Yep. But that was way back last April. Can’t we just let bygones be bygones? So much has happened since then. Barack Obama respects all women. The Democratic party is THE party for all women. Really? Tell that to Lena Dunham.

If you would have voters believe Rosen misspoke or we misunderstood her, then you must concede so did Todd Akin misspeak. So did we misunderstand Richard Mourdock. Dunham, however, did not misspeak, nor did we misunderstand her.

Dunham was very clear and intentional when she starred in a full-fledged ad denigrating young women. An ad bought and paid for by the Obama campaign. The best thing to come out of Dunham’s ad comparing voting for the first time to losing her virginity was Steven Crowder’s parody of it (the parody by Token Libertarian Girl is pretty good, too).

What were Democrats thinking?

“First we take out the stodgy, old stay-at-home moms who don’t ‘work’ and are probably illiterate anyway. Then we go in for the kill by sexualizing the bootie-licious twenty-somethings. And those bra-burning feminists? We’ll lure them to vote with their lady parts!”

That’s a winning strategy? That’s a party who speaks for women? That’s a president who cares about the dignity of all people? The Democratic party can no more profess to be the party of all women than the Republican party can. Both camps have logged successes and failures in dealing with women this election. Maybe because women aren’t just one, big, homogenous voting block.

Abortion is an important issue. I repeat: abortion is an important issue, maybe the most important social issue of our lifetimes. But it’s not the only issue, and it’s not exclusively a women’s issue. Some of us are pro-life, some of us are pro-choice, and a bunch are somewhere in between. Of course we care about Our Bodies Ourselves as women. We also care about our spouses, our daughters and sons, our work in and outside of our homes, our churches, our economy, our foreign policy, and an array of other issues as well.

All women work hard.

We work hard at working things out. We listen. We think. We weigh the options. We prioritize. We discuss. We blog. We visit neutral sites like I Side With to compare the candidates. What’s the most urgent thing that needs to be addressed first? Who is most likely to address that issue best?

For me and millions of American women and men, the most urgent issue for our country at this time is our struggling economy. When people can’t work, they can’t eat. Economic unrest jeopardizes our freedoms and dreams. The way I see it, Obama has had four years to begin to turn the economy around, and he’s failed. It’s time to give someone else a shot. Mitt Romney was successful in the private sector. He worked with a Democratic congress as Governor of Massachusetts to close a $3 billion budget deficit…

Ah, but there I go again. Silly me. Talking about an issue SAHMs are unqualified to discuss. Right, Rosen? Maybe I should just pick up my lady parts and go vote.

That’s exactly what I plan to do Tuesday, November 6th. It won’t be my first time or, God willing, my last.

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