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Gone Fishin’

Recommend a book to me everyone’s reading, a blog I must follow, a movie I must see. My first reaction is to turn up my nose.

low shelf library

low shelf library

I’ll go there, to that book, blog, or viral video. Do my best to be in-the-know.

More delicious are the discoveries.

I may find them by following a crowd or reading a review. But usually they come to me in lonely library catalog searches. Woeful browses through bookstores. Dives on Amazon. Quiet suggestions made in passing by trusted friends.

I take to the water in my small boat and put out my line. Maybe I’ll make a catch today. The repetition of searching almost always precedes the finding.

The best ones tug at my line. If I believed in fate, I’d say it was destiny. I was meant for this book at this moment.

In the continuum of space and time, it caught me.

stone fish, Lake Champlain

stone fish, Lake Champlain

And when I’m caught or when I catch it or both, the sun bounces off our meeting. Sweet life flapping and flickering and fighting to be freed.

The memory imprints of those books, posts, poems, movies, and songs. I catch and release. Now I bear witness.

You must see what I’ve found, this book. You simply must.

I live with the scar of the hook, and I’m not the same as before.

“I, Wisdom, live together with good judgment. I know where to discover knowledge and discernment.” Proverbs 8:12 NLT

Toes by Norah Jones.

Catch any fantastic books lately?

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