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Saturday Update

Have a Good Un

have a good ‘un

Hi, there. I know we just touched base yesterday. I hope you all are making peace with your seasonal palettes.

Yesterday turned out to be a very busy day. Some of you may not be connected via Facebook or Twitter, so you might have missed these happenings.

Garza and Lupo Make My Day
If yesterday’s 300th post on the blog was the cake, then the tweet I received from Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo was the icing. Garza and Lupo authored my favorite wardrobe makeover book Nothing to Wear?, and they tweeted little ol’ me.

Tweet from Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo

Tweet from Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo, they called me “Classic Chic!”

The War on Men Hits BlogHer
Yesterday Lisen Stromberg and I were honored to have posts from our blog Finding (Un)Common Ground syndicated on BlogHer. In Point-Counterpoint: The War on Men, we share our opposing views about St. Louis-based author Suzanne Venker and her controversial article that outraged feminists.

Would love for you all to read, share, and weigh in with your opinions. See our original posts at Finding (Un)Common Ground and read the syndicated story on BlogHer. And see Venker’s response to the outrage in her latest post on Fox News also published yesterday. Like I said before, it was a very busy day.

Enjoy the weekend!



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Blog Abuzz Update

The blog’s been abuzz this week. A few links of interest:

where's the beef

where’s the beef

Where’s the Beef?
Yesterday BlogHer published a post you first saw here about the new public school lunch standards, Where’s the Beef?: Public School Lunches Lean on Meat. If you’re all about food and farm (And who isn’t? We all eat, right?), I’d be much obliged if you’d click over to read and comment. Your interest and engagement shows there’s an audience for stories like this. BlogHer recently updated their reach from 40 million to 50 million women a month. That’s a lot of groceries…

Batman and Robin

caped crusaders

Comic Book Capers
Did you catch the Vice Presidential debate? My esteemed Finding (Un)Common Ground co-blogger Lisen Stromberg and I commented on the matchup. Was it young man vs. old man? Rude vs. polite? Seasoned vs. green? Or the Joker vs. Robin?

Voter Prep Video
Earlier this week, I changed my Missouri driver’s license to a Kansas driver’s license and registered to vote here. I video blogged about it in The Adventure and Responsibility of Voter Registration. Here’s a preview (It’s okay to laugh as I’m still learning how to vlog!):

yankee doodle

yankee doodle

Teachable Moments During Election Season
This past Tuesday, BlogHer published my story about engaging kids in the political process. Media literacy, parenting, and politics collide in You Can Watch Election Coverage With Kids. It’s an honor to publish in this forum about such important topics!

Abortion Showdown Looms
Life issues plague our country. Abortion is the elephant in the room this election. Watch for Lisen and I to take opposite stands on the issue first thing this week on Finding (Un)Common Ground.

Checking Out
Everybody feel all updated now? God willing, I’ll be back around mid-week with more in store including the first of the Instead of Hot Dogs recipes and Words to Remember from a famous Greek philosopher. Have an excellent weekend.

Praise the Lord; praise God our Savior!
For each day He carries us in His arms. Psalm 68:19 NLT

You could never run too far. Love will find you where you are.

Ciao, bella!

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Talking Immigration Reform

Finding (Un)Common Ground buttonHi, everybody. Just a quick note to let you know Lisen and I are discussing immigration reform and the DREAM Act on Finding (Un)Common Ground.

Lisen writes an excellent post about why reform is needed especially for people who were brought to America illegally as children.

While I can’t disagree with that, I write about how I disagree with the way President Obama sidestepped Congress and the Constitution to enforce his own directive by executive order.

What say you? Get in on the conversation and log your opinion at Finding (Un)Common Ground.

I’ll be back soon with some non-political posts.

Did you know I can hear your applause through the internet? 

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. Psalm 118:8 ESV

You Can Dream by David Phelps. Love this.

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An Uncommon Meeting

Syndicated on BlogHer.com

This post was syndicated by BlogHer on 9.20.12 and featured in the BlogHer Conferences Newsletter on 10.3.12.

I wanted to eat my breakfast.

welcome to blogher '12

welcome to BlogHer ’12

“Okay, everyone,” said Lisa Stone from the stage. “It’s time for Speed Dating.”

Imagine a hotel convention room filled with thousands of women. Not just ordinary women. Blogger women.

That morning, I was late to the BlogHer conference welcome breakfast hosted by co-founders Elisa Camahort Page and Lisa Stone. I was hungry. I wanted to eat.

“Form two big circles around the outside of the room.”

“I hate ice breakers,” I said to myself as I inhaled scrambled eggs. “I hate speed dating.”

“There’s room over on this side. Let’s go, ladies!”

Then it occurred to me. “You bought the ticket. Now get up and speed date!”

I joined the outside circle that faced the inside circle. For the next 20 minutes, the circles moved around each other. And I met fabulous bloggers.

Bloggers who blog about food and family and carpet and cities. Bloggers with beautiful business cards and creative names. Bonbon Break. The Downtown Project. The Succulent Wife.

Our hostesses issued the one-minute warning, and my mind returned to the bacon abandoned on my plate. “Hang on, breakfast. I’m coming!”

I had time to meet one, last blogger.

A gorgeous, vibrant blonde from California introduced herself to me. “Hi, I’m Lisen Stromberg,” she said. “You look so familiar. Where have I seen you?”

“Hi, I’m Aimee Whetstine,” I said and shook hands with her. “I was syndicated on BlogHer this week. You may have seen my face there.”

“What was the article?” said Lisen.

I braced myself. “I wrote the Chick-fil-A post.”

lisen and aimee

Lisen and Aimee

Have you ever witnessed a cat and a dog face off for the first time?

We tried to make small talk about our blogs, but we kept coming back to the issue at hand. I couldn’t understand why civil unions weren’t enough. Lisen couldn’t understand why my church didn’t approve of gay marriage. Back and forth it went. Each of us holding our positions with dignity and without screaming.

There was another blogger waiting to speak to Lisen. As I said goodbye and turned to go, I looked down at Lisen’s business card in my hand.

The moment of truth fell like the sunlight through clouds.

“You know,” I said as I turned back to face her. “We should do something together. We should write about this.”

Lisen’s eyes met mine. Was she thinking the same thing?

“Yes, we should,” she said.

“It would be good for my readers,” I said, “and for yours too, I think.”

“Yes, it would.” she said.

Today Lisen and I set out to create a forum of civil dialogue about the issues that matter. We’re launching a neutral, shared website called Finding (Un)Common Ground.

We’ll regularly post our views on hot topics and invite you to dialogue and share your thoughts. All comments and perspectives are welcomed, provided they are expressed within the bounds of civility.

Today we’re posting about the events this week in Libya and Egypt. I hope you’ll visit, share, and comment.

Civil discourse must be achieved if we are to find understanding and solutions within the issues that divide us and our country.

Please join the dialogue at Finding (Un)Common Ground.

“Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord:
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red like crimson,
they shall become like wool.” Isaiah 1:18 ESV

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. You say tom-ay-to, I say tom-ah-to…

You are invited to read
Finding (Un)Common Ground.
Follow us on Twitter @uncommonground1
on Facebook, too!

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