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Two weeks and 10 states later, we’re home from spring break. Wonderful trip. Never enough time to see everyone or do everything. Returned with more material than I can write.

My crazy blog experiment came up in conversations along the way. Based on the questions I got, it’s time to make good on my vow from Dangerous Liaisons that we’ll conquer the blog together. Scroll down to find your favorite Q&A.

blog hog

Q: What pray tell is a blog?

A: Blog is short for web log. It’s a type of website.

Anyone can blog. Platforms like WordPress and Blogger let you create blogs for free. Heartfelt thanks to my friend Nicole for showing me the ropes.

There are blogs for all manner of subjects and products. Blogs run the gamut from personal and private to public and highly marketed.

This one is open to the public 24-7 and covers lots of topics.

Q: No offense but why would anyone read this?

A: Beats me. To empathize, normalize, relate? To be entertained or inspired?

I like to think someone would read my posts for the same intangible reasons people read the greats like Erma Bombeck, Peggy Noonan and Anna Quindlen.

I can dream, can’t I?

Community is another reason. Bloggers and readers connect in the blogosphere.

Q: Is it always snowing in St. Louis?

snow route

A: No, though my posts may lead you to believe otherwise.

I started blogging in February 2011 (Maiden Flight) during a winter of heavy snowfall. Hence the ubiquitous ice and snow in my posts (Ice Ice Baby, Life on the Slippery Slope and Bad Boys).

St. Louis summers are as hot and humid as any city south of the Mason Dixon.

Q: You wrote about Scrabble and your Ford F-150? How did I miss this?

A: The best way to guarantee you will not miss a post is to subscribe.

Subscribing is free. Look for the menu labeled Subscribe near the top of the right column. Go. Do it now.

For those of you who like a challenge, one bonus to subscribing is that you receive the original version with the elusive typo or misspell. There’s at least one in every post. Subscribe to catch it before I do.

Q: What about Facebook?

A: I announce new posts to friends on Facebook. But if it’s an active day on your News Feed, I may be buried in the traffic. Another reason to subscribe.

read, respond, recycle

Q: RSS feeds?

A: If you want to subscribe via RSS feed, use the large button in the right column. RSS feed readers fly below the radar, unidentified to me and unreported in stats.

Q: Twitter?

A: No, I’m not tweeting yet. But you can call my posts tweets if you’ll read them. (Update: I starting tweeting for the blog’s first birthday. Connect with me @everydayepistle.)

Q: Can I comment on your posts or share them with others?

A: Yes, please do as often as you like. Look for the menus at the end of each post.

Q: Do you post every day?

A: No, twice a week, sometimes more.

The word everyday is used here to mean commonness rather than frequency. Like the lyrics in Arrested Development’s People Everyday, not Elvis Costello’s Everyday I Write the Book.

Q: Why do you include links to songs and Bible verses?

sit up get God

A: The songs are for fun. To borrow a concept from my friend Sue, if this were a movie these songs would make up the soundtrack.

The Bible verses are for life. Do not mistake them as a flippant means to stamp God on my blog. Each verse applies to the story in its post.

Q: How do you work with your photographer?

A: My photographer, the uber-talented Kristin Scully, is responsible for the headshots of yours truly. I take the snapshots featured in the posts myself.

Q: Are you being paid?

A: I wish. Are you offering?

No, I am not being paid to do this. And I hesitate to open up to ads. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for other ventures. Stay tuned.

Q: Why don’t you get a real job?

A: Good question. This is a real job requiring concentration, effort, time and ability. It’s non-paid work, but that’s nothing new.

I’ve been a non-paid, full-time mother of a busy little boy since he was born, not to mention several non-paid volunteer stints. Real jobs, no moolah.

I’m learning social media from the ground up by building and managing my site. I’m sharpening marketable skills like organization, creativity, communication, problem-solving. Should count for something.

keep calm and carry on

Q: How long do you plan to blog?

A: Until it’s not fun anymore.

A year seems like a good first step. My friend Shannon blogged every day for five years while raising four children. She’s a superstar.

She’s slowed down the frequency of her posts, but retains a loyal following. That kind of audience takes time and talent to build, so we’ll see.

Q: Seriously why are you doing this?

A: To make friends and influence people, to exercise some gifts before they atrophy beyond use, to say what I need to say before I die, and because I’m having the time of my life.

Q: Julie or Julia?

A: Both Julie and Julia. I am Julie, but oh, to be more Julia. Bon appétit!

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23-24 NIV

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5 Responses to Everyday Q&A

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing, Aimee! I enjoy reading your posts! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

  2. I loved this! You are funny, even if you don’t think so :)

    I was happy to help (and even happier to reconnect and get to hang out for a while)!