Reader’s Choice 2011: Lipstick, Interrupted


Libby McCandless is a beautiful person inside and out. A tall, thin, blonde fashionista with a heart of gold and a personality to match.

Libby is married to a Formula One aficionado who writes and produces the largest independent F1 blog in America.

And Libby can sing. She was recently featured in a spot for the new Glee app. Look for pretty in pink.

Beauty, fashion, fast cars, music. Add lipstick, and it makes for a deadly combination.

Libby’s Reader’s Choice is:

Lipstick, Interrupted

click to read Lipstick, Interrupted

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2 Responses to Reader’s Choice 2011: Lipstick, Interrupted

  1. Jody Serritella

    Hi, read your very entertaining “Lipstick Interrupted”, After cleaning out my makeup today, a long task of throwing many old and never used beauty potions, my heart stopped for a moment as I saw that I am now on my last tube of berrilicous lipstick! I am now facing what you did…I cannot find Clinique’s berrilicious! A few years back, I felt I won the lottery when I scored 6 tubes of it on ebay! Paid a small fortune, but to me it was worth it every time I looked in the mirror! So…does Perfect Plum come in a close 2nd?? I don’t want to buy it yet..until I get a second opinion! I would greatly appreciate your opinion, if you could email me …my gratitude would be endless! Thanks! Jody (another berrilicious lover)

    • Jody, I feel your pain! I wish they’d just bring Berrylicious back. (Clinique, if you’re listening, that’s a big hint!)

      Perfect Plum isn’t Berrylicious, but it is very nice in its own right. I think you’d be happy with it, but go try it out at the makeup counter first. And if you buy it and it doesn’t do the trick for you, don’t hesitate to take it back to the store. Then message Clinique that we Berrylicious lovers are STILL pining for our favorite.