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Chef Nusy

Had fun with Reader’s Choice 2011. Hope you did too. Thought it was all wrapped up until I received a comment from my friend Chef Nusy.

Nusy is a friend I would not know except for this blog. We’ve never met in person, but we converse in the comments and her story inspires me.

Nusy was born and raised in Hungary. She immigrated to the United States alone at the ripe old age of 20. Did it for love.

Nusy married and now lives with her husband in California. She coaches fencing, teaches bread making, studies, and writes a blog called And Cuisine For All.

What impresses me about Nusy is her heart of freedom.

Communism anticlimactically fell in her homeland, but not much has changed for her people. So Nusy embraces life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we Yankee Doodle Dandies sometimes take for granted.

When Nusy’s request reached me, I was moved. Here’s what she wrote:

If there’s still a spot on Reader’s Choice… this is mine. While I enjoyed Milk Wars and I Like My Bike, this was the post that hit me the deepest this year; not just here—all around the blogosphere.

The impact of history on a generation of people… and the lack of impact on those born after the tragedy. As Tolkien would put it, “the sorrow of the Firstborn.” That we have seen and experienced something that no words can ever describe to those who weren’t there to see it; we stand monument to the greatest tragedy of modern times.

Chef Nusy’s Reader’s Choice is:

The Angry American

click to read The Angry American

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7 Responses to A Special Request

  1. Thank you once again for accepting my special Reader’s Choice… and for all your kind words. :)
    This just made my new year. It is an amazing thing to find friends by such happy online accidents.

    • It is an amazing thing, CN. Thank you for choosing this post as your Reader’s Choice and for having the wherewithal to ask me to run it again. The posts about 9/11 were some of the most difficult and emotional posts I’ve written. It humbles and encourages me that the story reached you. If you get the chance to travel to DC, go see this Memorial at the Pentagon. It’s sacred ground, as are so many of the monuments in the capitol.

  2. Very inspiring. The person, the post and the message….All in all the perfect posting…. Bravo my friend. Now off to read “And Cuisine For All” as well….

  3. You did a fantastic job on these post Aimee and I did indeed enjoy them.

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